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Welcome to Winter Folk, Longmont, Colorado is coming, and it's coming to you! Celebrate the Christmas season at the Longmon Museum, where you can see some of the best artists and musicians from around the region.

This walk is the perfect excuse to dine at some of Denver's favorite restaurants, which you'll love to find in downtown Golden. On Monday, May 8, there is a free discovery tour of the Golden Center for the Arts, followed by a free day at Golden at the Museum.

For more information on Longmont's history, visit the museum's website and its Facebook page. There are breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks and it is also a great place to relax after a long day of hiking, biking or skiing. It is also an ideal destination for anyone who wants to explore some of Colorado's many attractions. Get our guide to the 20 things to do in Longmont, Colorado in 2020 and beyond, from hiking and biking to dining and entertainment.

Longmont is connected to Fort Collins, Loveland and Berthoud by RTD's regional FLEX bus. You can also listen to Longmont Public Radio's NPR programs on the radio at 7 p.m. weekdays and 12 p.m. weekends.

Longmont has large colleges, including the University of Colorado Boulder, and Front Range Community College had a campus here. It is home to Colorado State University College of Science and Technology (CSU - Boulder) and is home to the US Army Corps of Engineers and Fort Collins Air Force Base.

Community parks offer 230 hectares and 7 green spaces, and neighborhood parks total 190 hectares, with more than 1,000 hectares of open space for recreation and recreation.

In addition to Lookout Mountain, there are several scenic trips to Golden, including a scenic drive to Golden Mountain State Park and the Golden Valley Trail. Ron Stewart Preserve is located on the west side of the city, north of Golden and east of Fort Collins and west of Longmont.

Take a brewery tour at Left Hand Brewery, listen to live music from Oskar Blues and Tasty Weasel, or take part in one of the many craft beer festivals in the area. You can change to the cheap and fun Suwhop Trolley, which offers guided tours of Longmont's breweries, distilleries and ciders. The newly opened tavern of the new Golden Brewing Co. brewery is worth a visit in this area, and there are many other opportunities for beer and wine tasting in the brewery's tasting room.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the float will be driven through the delicious Longmont brewing scene as an alcohol-soaked craft brew tour. In Boulder, Lafayette's Odd13 is a must-see for blurred IPA lovers, and in addition to fresh produce, it also has a seating area with live music, food trucks and a beer garden. Bebe is part of Jessup Farm Artisan Village, a farming village marketplace dedicated to artisan treats that looks like a Pinterest group is forming a community.

Speaking of historical things that are also really fun: One of the best attractions in the Netherlands is the merry-go-round of happiness. Add another great thing to your list of activities at Longmont and speak for yourself.

Besides being beautiful, it is one of the most beautiful rivers in the United States and the second largest in North America. Rocky Mountain National Park is just a short drive from downtown Longmont, and if you want to explore this Rockies region, this is probably the No. The Front Range Rockies offers unlimited opportunities for mountain sports, and it is also home to some of Colorado's best hiking and biking trails.

Longmont is an easy day trip from Denver, but it's a great overnight stay in the city, and boasts some of the best restaurants and bars in the state, such as the Longmont Grill & Bar. Located just a few miles south of downtown Denver and a short drive from Rocky Mountain National Park, this is basically all that the great state of Colorado has to offer.

There are plenty of fun activities, and Nederland is no exception, but the best way to explore Colorado is on foot. There are extensive hiking and cycling trails, as well as numerous cycle paths, so Longmont has plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. Enjoy the scenery while hiking in the mountains and lakes or in spring and summer while hiking. Colorado is filled with excellent hiking trails and Frisco is no different; go hiking up the mountain or around the lake.

A few miles outside the city, you'll find the Brainard Lake Recreation Area, which is full of excellent hiking destinations. Families can find tables, barbecues and picnics all over the lake, making it a great place to sit back and relax while exploring the Rocky Mountains.

In addition to the aforementioned downtown shops, downtown Fort Collins is full of fun shops, bars and restaurants to explore. You can also do yoga in one of the many yoga studios in the city, as well as a variety of yoga classes. The BrewHop Trolley is the best way to experience all the fantastic breweries, ciders and distilleries in Longmont, but it's not all you can do at craft breweries in FortCollins. One of our best ways to meet some of them is the Craft Brewery Tour.

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More About Longmont