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My list of the best day trips to Boulder includes some I haven't been able to explore yet, but honestly, this list barely scratches the surface. I visit Boulder in the summer, and Eldorado Springs is my favorite. The hotel is just outside of Boulder, it is the closest to a day trip to Boulder on my list. There are breathtaking views of the snowy peaks, there are many great places to relax with a hot drink and some good food and drinks, and there is even a great mountain bike ride on the way back into town.

This is also a great destination for those who want to explore some of Colorado's many attractions, and it is also just a short drive from Boulder for those on a budget.

You can change to the cheap and fun Suwhop Trolley, which offers guided tours of Longmont's breweries, distilleries and ciders. Try the Grosse Barts Brauerei for a beer garden experience that is child-friendly and dog-friendly, with great views of the city and a good selection of beer and wine. If you just want to hike and observe nature outside of work, add this to your list of activities in longmont.

Roosevelt Park in downtown Longmont features a playground, senior center, gazebo for concerts and events, and a picnic area. It offers a variety of outdoor activities such as picnics, cycling and hiking, as well as a cycle path.

The city has a vibrant arts and cultural scene with a variety of interesting art galleries, museums and galleries in downtown Longmont. The Longmont Museum, with exhibits of history, science and art, is definitely worth a visit when you are in town.

Speaking of historical things that are also really fun: One of the best attractions in the Netherlands is the merry-go-round of happiness. A great thing to do in Longmont and definitely worth a visit.

The park is best known for climbing, which is amazing, but even if you are not a climber, you can still enjoy the beauty of the park. In addition to Lookout Mountain, there are several scenic excursions around Golden, including a scenic drive to Golden State Park and Golden Valley National Park. The choice is between Golden and Longmont, two of my favorite places in the entire state of Colorado.

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Longmont boasts a thriving art scene, great restaurants, and great hiking and biking trails. If you want to explore this Rockies region, there is probably no better place to do so than Ron Stewart Preserve, which is just a short drive from Golden State Park and Golden Valley Park.

In fact, Longmont - based in Mile Hi Skydiving - is one of Colorado's top skydiving facilities. Colorado State University plays at the high school in Fort Collins, but it is only a short drive from downtown and a few miles from Golden Valley Park and Golden State Park.

Besides being beautiful, the river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Colorado, and the city is set against a spectacular backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, topped with snow - Longs Peak is climbed and beckons nearby. This nonprofit outdoor attraction is located in the middle of the woods, starting with a three-hour drive from downtown Fort Collins and a short walk from the airport. It is a stunning hotel located in Estes Park, a few miles south of downtown Longmont.

For nudists, there are many outdoor activities throughout the year, from hiking and horse riding to exploring the diverse open spaces in the park. There are extensive hiking and biking trails, as well as a variety of outdoor events and activities that offer all the opportunities to enjoy nature in Longmont.

One recreational store Longmont calls home is Mile Skydiving, one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Colorado. Another claim to fame is the manufacture of the craft beer capital of Colorado. Longmon is home to the employees - owned by the Left Hand Brewing Company, as well as a number of other craft breweries.

If you're not looking for breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, Lakewood is the place to enjoy the growing range of shops and restaurants that result from the city's strong economy. The main attraction has fulfilled its mission of attracting more and more people to settle there over the years, until today. Fort Collins is thriving, with an enticing array of amenities that attract talented workers from the high-tech companies that are located here. They are trying to make Longmont the best place in the state for their employees and their families.

Colorado is best explored on foot, and Nederland is no exception, but that's not all you can do at the craft breweries in Fort Collins. You can also do yoga and enjoy the scenery while hiking around the mountains and lakes. It is one of the best ways to make your heart vibrate when you race up a mountain slope balancing on tiny sticks in the forest. Colorado is full of excellent hiking trails and Frisco is no different, with many great opportunities for hiking, biking and mountain biking.

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More About Longmont