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The creative district of downtown Longmont has become the centerpiece of a thriving community of artists and musicians that distinguishes the city from nearby Boulder. It's a good time to be in the heart of downtown, just a few blocks from the Colorado Museum of Natural History.

It's a small, culturally saturated place, but the demographic facts are obvious: More than 25 percent of the population is Latino, with 90,000 residents, including a number of arts-based organizations, such as the Longmont Arts Council and the Colorado Museum of Natural History. Ron Gallegos houses an art gallery, Conejos Fine Art, in his former home on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue.

This project by the Longmont Humane Society represents the cheerful playfulness that can be experienced when visiting a park such as Colorado State Park or the Colorado Museum of Natural History. The playful bike racks allow visitors to secure their bikes and relax at the same time. The bike rack at the park entrance on Main Street and Main Avenue can accommodate many bikes and attracts many people for its aesthetic, fun and creative design.

There are many ways to help the arts sector get through these difficult times and continue to be enriched by Colorado's artistic vitality. Donate directly to support artists in your community or donate to the Longmont Art Foundation, Colorado Museum of Natural History, or any other local arts organization.

If you have a sculpture that meets these criteria and is available for installation in January, please identify it as available by January 18. Selected artists will receive a $750 grant for the delivery and installation of the artwork.

Meanwhile, artists, cultural nonprofits and supporting artists are naturally creative, and art finds a way. In addition to the safety net to support a strong and sustainable career, the CERF also serves as a resource for artists working in any craft or discipline.

The goal is to support, support and support the leading minds of the arts in Boulder and their workforce and companies during this crisis. The aim is to link them with resources that will help them get their workers and businesses through the crisis and be part of their success.

The Firehouse Art Center, which allows members to use studio space in their own building and access to their art collection. Help us by joining our support program and enabling us to keep Denver behind a paywall.

In many ways, it embodies the gallery - a testament to the Creative District's concept: artists show, work, and sell in a network of resources that support their art and livelihoods, which in turn enhances the identification of the city and the local economy. Art on the move is appreciated by citizens and visitors because it offers the opportunity to view and experience a variety of new works throughout the year. AIPP has been enjoying this for years and has brought more and more new artists from Colorado to Longmont over the years. This year, 11 sculptures by 10 Colorado artists will be on display at the Art Move Gallery at the Firehouse Art Center, the first of its kind in Colorado.

A total of 16 artists are represented, including artists from Colorado, New York, Washington, D.C., California and New Mexico.

The aim of the workshop is to see the newly discovered passion and to transfer it into one's own art of expression. Improve your pastel painting skills as instructor Nancy Lewis guides you through the art of pastel and exterior painting. Give instructions on how to capture landscapes with pigment from a teacher with great patience and passion. Share your passion for the use of the arts of color, light, color theory and the use of pigments in your art through research and experimentation.

The artists "community offers emergency medical care, mental health care and other emergency services to people in need. Art can be a powerful tool for people to escape difficult situations and find spiritual healing.

Colorado Creative Industries has updated its COVID 19 Response Program, which includes funding and grants for co-creatives. This program is a funding initiative approved by the Colorado State Legislature to support those affected by the CO VID 19 pandemic. The Boulder Library now provides a guide to the co-programs and services of the creative industries in Colorado. Founded in the wake of the CalWood and Lefthand Canyon fires in July 2014, it supports individuals, families and nonprofits affected by the Cal and Lfthands Canyon fires.

Kirves said artists will have the opportunity to present donated works on the art trail of Longmont United Hospital, where the works will be exhibited. An exhibition at Yale University Art Gallery will also be on view on the New Haven campus until September 30, 2015. For more information about the Yale Art Museum's annual exhibition, visit the AAC Artist Resources page.

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More About Longmont